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What would Arnie Becker do now?

Actor Corbin Bernsen sued a Virginia Beach-based legal marketing firm in Norfolk federal court last month, claiming it owed him more than $600 grand on a million-dollar contract he signed to represent them in a marketing campaign aimed at lawyers.

Their answer: You were the one who broke the deal, pal. And now you owe us $600,000.

Sounds like a plot from “L.A. Law,” the show in which Bernsen played Arnold Becker, a high-rent divorce lawyer.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that in a counterclaim against Bernsen, Innovative Legal Marketing says that the contract with Bernsen includes what one could call a “good behavior” clause. Bernsen agreed not to commit “any act or do anything which may tend to bring Bernsen into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule or which might tend to reflect unfavorably” on Innovative or its clients.

Bernsen broke the deal, Innovative alleges, by, among other things:
• Appearing on a Cartoon Network comedy sketch that made fun of personal injury lawyers.
• Talking about youthful drug use and sex life in an interview on “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”
• Getting into a bar fight on a film shoot in Ohio in August 2010. A local starting admiring one of Bernsen’s female assistants; the matter ended up outside a diner with Bernsen throwing gravel and telling the local man “If I had a gun, you’d be dead,” according to contemporary news reports.

Stay tuned.

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