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Spy camera possibly used for heist of law school files

The law student suspected of a break-in at the U.Va. registrar’s office may have used a hidden camera to spy on activities in the office.

But the student’s plan seems to have backfired. As The Daily Progress reports, court records indicate the camera caught the suspect in the act.

On Dec. 7, just before 3 a.m., police arrested Joshua Peter Gomes outside of Carruthers Hall, which houses the registrar’s office. Two days before his arrest, police received a report of a person in the building late at night. The next day, registrar’s office employees noticed that items had been moved, according to police.

A search of the office uncovered a hidden pinhole camera that had been mounted to the wall. The camera included video of the suspect going through a file cabinet. The video also captured Gomes facing the camera.

Police obtained a warrant to search Gomes’ home, where they found camera’s box, along with a receipt. Officers later seized the clothing the suspect wore in the video.

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