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Seaman Doe v. Maersk Line Ltd. (access required)

Type of Case: Failure to provide maintenance and cure due a seaman under maritime law Court: Portsmouth Circuit Court Attorneys: James L. Chapman IV and Steve Stancliff, Norfolk Summary: A steward on a tanker under contract with the Military Sealift ...

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Charles E. Titus v. Joseph A. Backer MD (access required)

Type of Case: Medical malpractice Court: Arlington County Circuit Court Attorneys: Thomas G. Smith and Michael J. Shevlin, Fairfax Summary: The 70-year-old plaintiff had a history of melanoma and his dermatologist ordered periodic CT scans of the chest to detect ...

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In Re: Outsidewall Tire Litigation (access required)

Type of Case: Copyright and trademark infringement, theft of trade secrets Court: U.S. District Court, Alexandria Attorneys: August J. Matteis Jr., Washington Summary: Jordan Fishman and his companies – Tire Engineering & Distribution LLC and Alpha Tire Systems – alleged ...

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Norton v. Greenberg (access required)

Type of Case: Personal injury Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Attorneys: Edward L. Weiner, Lawson Spivey Summary: A fitness enthusiast suffered a neck injury when his sport utility vehicle was hit at an intersection by a larger SUV that had ...

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Butts v. Womack (access required)

Type of Case: Personal injury Court: Petersburg Circuit Court Attorneys: Charles H. Cuthbert Jr., Petersburg Summary: The driver and passenger in a vehicle fleeing a police pursuit were killed and another passenger was severely injured in Petersburg. The pursuit began ...

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Confidential (access required)

Type of Case: Medical malpractice Court: Norfolk Circuit Court Attorneys: James C. Lewis, Virginia Beach; David M. Kopstein, Seabrook, Md. Summary: An infant suffered injuries to four nerves in his brachial plexus when he was delivered by a nurse midwife ...

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