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Man claims he was sucker punched by officer

A Sterling man claims a police video shows a Loudoun County officer knocking him unconscious from behind as he stood with his hands in the air.

The alleged 2009 assault occurred as the former deputy sheriff responded to a report of an incident at a shopping center. The civil rights lawsuit filed by Carlos Garcia contends the officer used “outrageous, abusive, unreasonable, and excessive force.” Garcia demands unspecified damages for permanent brain damage.

Garcia was charged with public intoxication and felony assault on a police officer based on events that occurred before the accused deputy arrived. He pleaded guilty to simple battery not involving a law enforcement officer, according to his lawsuit.

Garcia says after he was knocked unconscious by the blow from then-Dep. Terry Daniel, Daniel stepped on Garcia’s face as he lay helpless on the sidewalk. Garcia says the incident is captured on video (below) recorded by the deputy’s own in-car camera.

Garcia’s lawsuit in Alexandria federal court is assigned to Judge Liam O’Grady.

Daniel could not be reached for comment. A call to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was not immediately returned.

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