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Affair calculated to boost sagging concert tour, Salahi claims

Northern Virginia’s most famous jilted husband claims his wife’s backstage liaison with rock musician Neal Schon (left) was part of a scheme to revive interest in the guitarist and his touring rock band, Journey.

Tareq Salahi has amplified the allegations of his divorce action against his wife, Michaele, with a new lawsuit seeking $50-million in damages from her and Schon.

It’s all about the timing, the lawsuit claims. Michaele and Schon went public with their affair in mid-September, just as a Journey concert tour was struggling to fill arenas around the country, the suit contends.

Michaele and Schon “knew that a public affair would generate interest in both of them and immediate income for Neal Schon and Journey,” the suit reads, according to the Northern Virginia Daily.

Whether or not the purported ploy had any such effect, Journey seemed to enjoy success. Billboard magazine awarded the band its “Legend of Live” award in October, calling the group a “hugely successful touring band.” Journey was taking in an average of more than $600,000 a night at the box office on the current tour, Billboard reported.

-By Peter Vieth, photo by Matt Becker

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