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Neo-Nazi loses twice at the 4th Circuit

Roanoke hatemonger William A. White struck out twice at the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this week, with the court upholding both his criminal convictions for sending threatening messages and a half-million-dollar civil judgment in favor of his victims.

White even faces the possibility of more prison time. The appeals court held the trial judge should have considered White’s knowledge that some of his victims were underage, a fact which could add extra time. Judge James Turk had sentenced White to 30 months and he has been free since last spring.

Thursday’s opinion from the 4th Circuit offers separate views from each of the three judges on the panel on when a communication is a “true threat” subject to criminal punishment.

White also failed to overturn a $545,000 judgment for mailing insults and threats to a group of Virginia Beach women involved in a discrimination case against their landlord.

A panel of the 4th Circuit  rejected White’s appeal Wednesday.

As The Roanoke Times reported in 2010, White wrote letters to the Virginia Beach women, calling them “dirty parasites.” The women testified in a civil trial they still lived in fear because of White’s veiled threats.

The paper reports White has been living in Rockbridge County.

By Peter Vieth

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