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The grass may not be greener

Gathering news every day for Virginia lawyers, it’s tempting to take a look over the fence at what our neighbors are up to in their legal endeavors. It’s surprising, sometimes, what you see next door.

Take, for instance, the details emerging about a former Tennessee judge so badly addicted to painkillers he was buying pills from criminal defendants and having sex during courtroom breaks. His condition was so compromised, the Associated Press reports, that convictions in his courtroom now are being challenged.

Or what about the aborted murder trial in Gaston County, North Carolina? The defendant claimed he had sex with an assistant prosecutor, his lawyers then withdrew from the case, and the judge declared a mistrial.

Sometimes it can be comforting to see such things going on elsewhere. It makes you glad you’re practicing in Virginia.

-By Peter Vieth

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  1. Elwood "Sandy" Sanders, Jr.

    Should be a sobering reminder that the selection of judges is a responsibility for every attorney and that means making sure their delegates and senators know their views and why on judges. Don’t assume they’ll ignore it! Send the email or make the call when it occurs.

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