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A bell-ringing moment

The College of Knowledge down in Williamsburg has many traditions — the Yule Log ceremony at Christmas and Charter Day in February, among others.

But for sheer joy, you can’t match the day that William & Mary seniors get to ring the Wren Bell.

Here’s how it works: After completing the very last class on the last day of classes, seniors make their way to the Wren Building, the original, iconic building at the front of campus.

There is a little door in the wall on the second floor that looks like it serves a dumbwaiter. But no, it is historic (like most things at W&M) — it was used in days past by the little guy who rang the bell at the top of Wren. Each senior gets to give the rope a good yank and that joyful clanging up high is his or her statement that school’s out, forever. (Apologies to Alice Cooper).

Today is the day. It’s the last day of classes for the Class of 2012, so if you’re down in the ‘Burg, you’ll know why there are bells in the air.

Check out the YouTube video supplied by the school and you’ll get the idea.

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