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Western District offers RSS feed for court filings

Keeping track of someone else’s federal litigation used to require sending someone to the courthouse every so often to see if anything had been filed. Nowadays, PACER allows monitoring of a case from your desktop.

As if that were not easy enough, the clerk’s office at the Western District of Virginia has gone one better. You can now subscribe to a syndication feed from the clerk’s office, so you can easily review what’s being filed and get notice about developments in the case you’re interested in.

The service allows anyone to peruse recent filings in both civil and criminal cases, reports Clerk Julia Dudley.

The link to the RSS feed page is here.

Clerk Julie Dudley says the Eastern District does not yet offer an RSS feed for filings. So far, 49 federal district courts and 89 bankruptcy courts offer the feeds, Dudley said.

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