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Waiver money running out

Court-appointed lawyers could face disappointment on fees for some cases next month. The money for fee cap waivers is running out again.

The budget for the fiscal year that ends in June included $4.2 million for extra pay for court-appointed lawyers in time-consuming cases. The Supreme Court had processed $3.7 million for waiver payments as of May 8, according to a memo from the court. There was just $343,730 in the account as of Thursday, reported Executive Secretary Karl R. Hade.

At the current rate of payment, the waiver money will run out in early June, Hade said. Once that fund is exhausted, vouchers submitted with court-approved waiver payments will be automatically reduced to the basic fee, without the waiver amount.

The waiver drought would last only until July 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

In a similar scenario, the fee cap money ran out in mid-April in 2010.

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