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Law jobs hard to find for new grads

Sobering new statistics illustrate the difficulty of turning a law degree into a full time practice position, unless your degree comes from a top tier law school.

The American Bar Association has – for the first time – provided numbers for full-time, long-term legal jobs landed by recent grads. Nationally, only 55 percent of the class of 2011 found such work by nine months after graduation.

Figures for Virginia law schools are as follows:

University of Virginia 94.7%
George Mason University
University of Richmond 59.6%
Washington & Lee 55%
William & Mary 54.9%
Regent University 52.5%
Liberty University 31.1%
Appalachian School of Law 30.7%


  1. Glad to see my alma mater, U.VA Law, doing so well by its graduates. But then it’s a big dropoff from there, unfortunately. Tough times for recent law grads!

  2. Isn’t UVA’s percentage skewed by its practice of paying recent grads for fellowship jobs?

  3. The ABA data is even more soberring. Too many lawyers, for a dramatically changing marketplace, which is likely to get worse (not better) for the legal market. In short, we need fewer lawyers, law schools, and law faculty.

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