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Bark the vote

A letter for Mo Morris came to Tim Morris’s house in Bedford County last week. It asked Mo to register to vote for this fall’s elections.

Two problems with this: (1) “Mo” is short for Mozart, Morris’s dog.

And (2) Mozart has been dead for two years.

Places such as Chicago have been rumored to vote the graveyards, but votes from a pet cemetery are something new.

According to Inside NoVA, the good news is that the letter was not from the State Board of Elections; it was a solicitation from the Voter Participation Center, a get-out-the-vote outfit. They purchased a mailing list that had Mo’s name on it.

Morris took it all in stride, noting that Mo could have voted for the first time in 2012, if he was a human and if he was alive.

“He would have been 19 years old this year,” Morris said.

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