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Governor accepting judge applications

Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to know “as soon as practicable” if you want to be a judge.

The governor has authority to fill circuit court judgeships left unfilled by the General Assembly. There are three, in the 6th, 10th and 29th judicial circuits.

The 6th Circuit vacancy was created by the retirement of Judge Samuel T. Campbell of Prince George. Judge Richard S. Blanton of Farmville retired in 2011, leaving the 10th Circuit vacancy. The 29th Circuit seat was left open when Tazewell County Judge Teresa M. Chafin was elected to the Court of Appeals. She took office this month.

McDonnell has posted a questionnaire on his website for would-be appointees. The site urges applicants to mail completed questionnaires to the governor’s office. “Letters of recommendation or other correspondence” regarding judicial appointments is welcomed and considered confidential, the site also says.

“I will be seeking out the most qualified candidates for these positions, and I encourage all interested individuals to apply,” McDonnell said.

McDonnell’s announcement notes the governor’s appointment is valid only until the next General Assembly session. To continue serving, appointees must be elected by the Assembly.

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