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Important Opinions: January – June 2012

In this week’s paper, we present the Most Important Opinions that we have featured from the first half of this year.

You’ll find more than 100 cases highlighted, from January to June. See the list.

“Important Opinions” show up on the cover of the paper each week and in a monthly recap available on our website. These are the cases chosen by our editors as most likely to impact law practice or a given subject area of law.

The “Important Opinions” entries are arranged by the month in which they appeared in the paper. The opinions are listed alphabetically within each month, by subject matter, for easy reference. The section begins with Administrative and closes with Zoning.

In between you’ll find familiar headers such as Civil Procedure, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Employment, Negligence, Tort and Traffic Offenses.

The complete digest of any case summarized here can be found on our website. Each case summary on the Important Opinions page includes a link to the full-text opinion. At the bottom of each full-text opinion page, is a link to the corresponding digest.

Opinion Digests can also be accessed through our Archives. Go to the Archives page and enter the VLW number (e.g., 011-8-149) or search terms from the topic header.

Online access to our Opinion Digests is for named subscribers only. And remember another subscribers-only benefit:

Subscribers can obtain a full-text PDF copy of any of these cases for free.

If you do not have your own subscription yet, we can help you with that. Please go to subscribe.valawyersweekly.com to start enjoying the free PDFs and other important benefits right away.

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