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Man jailed for refusing to answer deposition question

A Botetourt County man was jailed without bond after refusing to comply with a judge’s order to respond to a deposition question in a civil suit.

Danny H. Goad was charged with contempt of court after a hearing Thursday in Botetourt County Circuit Court. According to The Roanoke Times, Goad refused to comply with Circuit Judge Michael Irvine’s order to answer a question relevant to a lawsuit in which Goad is a co-defendant.

The defamation suit was filed after Goad and others allegedly distributed fliers that disparaged a Botetourt County educator. The judge had ordered Goad to respond to a question from the plaintiff inquiring about who had helped Goad hand out the fliers. Goad said he refused to answer the question because he took full responsibility and did not want to involve others.

Irvine told Goad he could get out of jail if complies with the order and responds to the question.

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