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Unfortunate headlines

We’ve celebrated Headlines of the Day on this site, the hedders that are clever or capture a story so well.

Anyone who has written the sterling headlines will have a number of clinkers in his or her clip file as well. The unfortunate thing is they are so public.

The theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., last week was terrifying and awful and incomprehensible. A former medical student killed 12 and injured many others at a screening of the new Batman movie.

A story on page one of today’s print issue went to press on Thursday night before the incident with this headline: “First shots fired in summary judgment battle.”

For the Friday Daily Alert we were able to change that to: “First salvos launched in summary judgment campaign.”

Others didn’t have that opportunity. In retrospect, the guys and gals at “Entertainment Weekly” magazine probably wish they had chosen a different head for their July 20 cover: “Batman’s Killer Finale.”

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  1. EW had a terrible follow-up too. Friday, the day after the shooting, their July 27 issue arrived. Headline: “Evil Never Dies”. Made all the worse by the fact that they chose to make such a statement about something so trivial as the villain on the show “Dallas”.

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