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How to stay ethical on social media

Remember that the new rules are the old rules when you’re blogging, tweeting or posting on Facebook.

Watch what you say about pending cases and your clients.

Don’t solicit business and don’t forget the rules on recommendations.

If you’re a lawyer and looking to use social media as part of your marketing repertoire, those are just a few of the things to keep in mind.

A project of the American Bar Association, the Commission on Ethics 20/20, has spent several years studying revisions to the ABA model ethics rules, with an eye on how technology comes into play.

Longtime legal journalist Bob Ambrogi has put together a list of “10 Tips to Keep Social Networking in Line With ABA Ethics” for the website Legal Technology News.

He covers the items above and offers in a quick primer on the ethics of social media, in light of the coming new rules.

Best to keep in mind his last tip: Use common sense.

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