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Justice Whiting dead at 89

Retired Virginia Supreme Court Justice Henry H. Whiting has died. He was 89.

Justice Whiting served on the Supreme Court of Virginia from 1987 to 2002. He took senior status in 1995.

Upon his retirement in 2002, Justice Whiting was honored by the court and bar as the court convened in Winchester for the first time.

Justice Whiting was a graduate of Winchester’s John Handley High School. He attended Virginia Tech, served in the Army in World War II and earned his law degree at the University of Virginia. He practiced law in Winchester until he was appointed in 1980 to the circuit court bench.


  1. I appeared before “Judge” Whiting in one of my first trials as a young lawyer in 1986 when he sat in the Circuit Court of Warren County. He had a keen intellect and a warm heart. It was always a pleasure to stand before this Virginia gentle man.

    Frank Hilton

  2. His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man.”

    –Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 5, Scene 5

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