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UIM contributed $210K towards settlement of T-bone crash – $235,000 Settlement

The plaintiff, a 59-year-old man, was struck broadside while making a left turn in the middle of an intersection. Liability was contested. The defendant initially filed a counter claim for personal injury and property damage.

The plaintiff sustained injury to his low back. After a year and a half of conservative treatment, including physical therapy and cortisone injections, the plaintiff underwent surgery; laminectomy, arthrodesis with spinal instrumentation and bone grafting. The defendant’s automotive liability insurance through GEICO had a policy limit of $25,000. The plaintiff had underinsured motorist coverage through Hartford of $250,000. The case settled for a total of $235,000 – $25,000 primary and $210,000 of the underinsured coverage. The plaintiff also received $9,978 in medical payments coverage. He has returned to work full time as a chef.


Type of action: Personal injury – auto accident
Injuries alleged: Herniated discs – L4-L5, L5-S1
Name of case: Gaghan v. Potorac
Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court
Case no.: CL 11002916
Date resolved: Aug. 2, 2012
Special damages: Medical damages – $75,000; lost wages – $61,824.23
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $235,000
Attorney for plaintiff: Roger L. Amole, Alexandria

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