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Judiciary assignment called for lawyer skills

Bob Goodlatte was twenty years out of practice with his courtroom skills when he had to share prosecution duties in the impeachment of a federal judge.

Goodlatte, Virginia’s 6th District congressman, presented evidence before a U.S. Senate panel in 2010 as one of two “lead managers” making the corruption case against U.S. District Judge Thomas Porteus of New Orleans. Defending Porteus was a panel of high-powered attorneys led by constitutional law Prof. Jonathan Turley.

At the Roanoke Bar Association meeting Tuesday, Goodlatte spoke with pride about his success in the case. The Senate convicted Porteus on each of four impeachment charges, not only removing him from the bench but forever disqualifying him from public office.

With Goodlatte now elevated to chairman, the House Judiciary Committee faces two hot button issues “right out of the box,” he said. The panel will be addressing immigration law and recommendations of a presidential commission on mass shootings.

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