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Senate approves raising judge retirement age

The Virginia Senate has again approved raising the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 73. The vote on Senate Bill 740 in the full Senate was 30-to-10 Friday morning.

The Senate approved a similar measure last year, but – despite a recommendation by the Judicial Council of Virginia – that bill died in a House Courts subcommittee.

Raising the retirement ceiling to 73 would be expected to produce savings in health and insurance costs, but the exact impact is unknown because it is impossible to predict how many judges will choose to work past age 70.

“Of course many judges are just stepping off the bench right now to join McCammon Group,” said bill sponsor Sen. Chap Petersen, D-Fairfax, referring to the private company that provides neutrals for alternative dispute resolution.

“I brought this not at anyone’s request but with knowledge that many of our judges in Northern Virginia are bumping up against this standard, and I think it’s worthwhile,” Petersen said on the Senate floor.

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