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Infant suffers brain injury from mother’s slip & fall – $3,250,000 Settlement

An infant suffered a traumatic brain injury after his mother slipped and fell on the defendant’s property. As a result of the mild to moderate TBI, the child suffers from seizures, mild hemiparesis, one side visual neglect and social developmental delays.

Defendants hotly contested the plaintiff’s life care plan, which ranged from $2,200,000 to $9,400,000.


Type of action: Premises liability – slip & fall
Injuries alleged: Mild to moderate TBI
Court: Fredericksburg Circuit Court
Case no.: CL11000514-00
Mediator: Thomas Shadrick
Date: Dec. 12, 2012
Special damages: Medical bills – $50,000; life care plan – $2,200,000 to $9,400,000
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $3,250,000
Attorneys for plaintiff: Leila H. Kilgore, Fredericksburg; Michael G. Phelan, Richmond
Plaintiff’s experts: Daniel M. Bernazzani, Certified Master Cleaner, Swampscott, Mass.; Charles M. Dillard M.D., director of TBI clinic, Richmond; Joseph Wu M.D., PET and DTI, Irvine, Calif.; Ronald C. Savage Ed.D., education, Philadelphia; Susan Riddick-Grisham RN, life care planning, Richmond
Defendant’s experts: Matthew Frank M.D., pediatric neurology, Norfolk; Scott W. Sautter Ph.D., neuropsychologist, Virginia Beach; Dennis R. Andrews, accident reconstruction, Cherry Hill, N.J.


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