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Million-Dollar Settlements of 2012

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to present its annual compilation of million-dollar settlements.

Our criteria for the list are simple:

1. The settlement must be for at least $1 million.
2. The settlement was reached in calendar year 2012.
3. The settlement involved a dispute with a strong Virginia component.

In 2012, 52 settlements of $1 million or more were featured in the paper.

This figure is slightly higher than the 2011 survey, which reported 49 settlements.

The top settlement on this year’s list involved a Federal Torts Act Claim. The family of a child who suffered from a birth-related injury reached a $25 million agreement with the U.S. Government.

Personal injury claims dominated the list, with 22 p.i. settlements in this year’s survey. Eighteen of the settlements stemmed from a wrongful death and 15 involved allegations of medical malpractice.

Automobile accidents were a factor in 21 of the top settlements. Eight cases dealt with premises liability and 10 cases featured a traumatic brain injury claim.

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