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Tomb of the Forgotten Lawyer

San Diego lawyer Erubey Lopez had a meeting scheduled with a criminal client last Tuesday.

He arrived at the local jail, where the client was residing, turned over his cell phone per jail procedures and went to the waiting room where lawyers and clients confer.

An officer locked the door and presumably went to get Lopez’s client.

That was a big “presumably.”

A half hour passed.

An hour passed. Lopez was fuming. He kept punching an intercom button, trying to get the guards’ attention. No luck. He banged on the door. No better luck.

Finally he gave up and waited.

The good news is that the waiting room did not turn into the Tomb of the Forgotten Lawyer. After four hours, a guard heard Lopez and freed him.

An official from the sheriff’s office called with an apology, but it may not be enough. Lopez is mulling whether to file a lawsuit.

San Diego’s NBC 7 has the story.

H/T to Steve Emmert for the link.

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