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New claims added to Morgan Harrington lawsuit

An amended complaint alleges the college student who disappeared from a 2009 Charlottesville rock concert was disoriented from a head injury, but was denied any help from a concert security crew.

The Harrington family’s lawsuit alleges the security company’s indifference to her plight started a chain of events that led to her death.

Lawyer Lee Livingston tells The Daily Progress the amended claims are supported by newly uncovered evidence. New allegations include the claim that Harrington suffered a head injury and an account of another concert patron who was allowed to re-enter the John Paul Jones arena, even though Harrington was refused re-entry.

The revised lawsuit includes a claim that because the show was a metal act – the band Metallica – the security company had a higher duty of care to prevent criminal assault.

The lawsuit is pending in Charlottesville Circuit Court.


  1. Interesting turn of events. Our firm’s personal injury attorney, Yvonne Griffin, was asked by CBS for her outside opinion on the lawsuit.

  2. What gets me is all the “blame the victim” comments on other news articles about this. As if throwing an injured person onto the streets isn’t negligent. As if the girl’s life wasn’t worth anything. Makes me think that the predators themselves are the ones doing the commenting.

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