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Rockingham to debut e-filing system for deed room

A new e-filing system for deeds at the Rockingham County courthouse is poised to roll out Tuesday.

Rockingham County Circuit Court Clerk Chaz Evans-Haywood tells the Daily News-Record the change should help those who submit documents for filing in the court’s deed room using mail or couriers.

The system, using e-recording provider Simplifile, allows filing 24 hours a day through a Web-based service.

Fees will vary depending on the document submitted, Evans-Haywood said, but his office will not see the money. Simplifile keeps the fee and provides the service without charge to the clerk’s office.

Evans-Haywood said his office is evaluating options for expanding the service to other types of documents.

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  1. Rockingham is moving the bar ahead; Evan-Haywood is a pro-modernity (post-Jefferson Age) clerk of court.

    Fairfax County-based MIXENT is also providing a similar vendor service for eRecording. Wise County Circuit Court started using it ful-scale last week for liens and deeds.

    In addition, Norton, Va.-based eLegalCasePro has provided the secure portal platform for electronic filing of civil and criminal litigation going into the 4th year in Wise County. Accomack and Scott Counties and City of Petersburg have adopted eLegalCasePro too.

    Arlington County is starting electronic filing soon with ImageSoft of Southfield, MI.

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