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Diversity Conference approves bylaws amendment

The Virginia State Bar’s Diversity Conference has made a housekeeping change in its bylaws designed to allow the conference to gain a seat on the VSB’s executive committee.

A move to give the diversity panel a voice on the EC was sidetracked at a February Bar Council meeting. Concerns were raised that a non-lawyer might end up as conference chair and gain a vote on the EC.

The Diversity Conference is the only VSB conference that includes non-lawyers on its governing board.

The Diversity Conference board of governors Monday amended the bylaws to prohibit a non-lawyer from occupying the chair or the chair-elect seats, according to chair Peter Burnett of Leesburg. The board also voted to again ask the VSB Council to make the EC a 13-member body and to include the chair of the Diversity Conference board as an ex officio member of the EC.

That request should be on the agenda for the June EC meeting in Virginia Beach, Burnette said.

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