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Judge’s old band gets another moment in the sun

The early seventies was a great time for horn bands. If you are of a certain age, you will recall chart-toppers “One Fine Morning” (Lighthouse) and “Vehicle” (The Ides of March).

A Lynchburg band had a taste of local success with a 1970 song in the same vein, but the dream of a big hit for The Greater Experience never materialized. A few years later, the band members put their instruments away and went on with life. Trumpeter Ed Burnette now is a general district judge in the Hill City.

Recognition seemed fleeting, until now. And, it has come from a very unlikely place.

It seems the eight-piece combo’s first recording, “Don’t Forget to Remember,” has found an audience in England, making the ancient 45 record something of a collector’s item. One of the disks was going for the equivalent of $1,200 on eBay, Burnette told News & Advance columnist Darrell Laurant.

Copies of the disk may be hard to find, but the Internet offers instant gratification for oldies fans. Feast your ears on the (very!) brassy sounds of The Greater Experience.

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