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Judge to order Minor to attend deposition

Halsey Minor – the one-time tech entrepreneur from Charlottesville – will be ordered to appear at a deposition in Norfolk in connection with the bankruptcy case involving the historic Carter’s Grove plantation, according to court records.

Minor skipped previously scheduled depositions and missed deadlines for disclosures, according to the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee last month asked the judge to have Minor held in contempt, and – if he fails to appear again – apprehended and brought before the court.

In response, Minor said he has been caring for his son, who is suffering from depression, and would prefer to attend a deposition in Los Angeles or by video conference.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Stephen C. St. John said he felt it would be “appropriate” for Minor to sit for a deposition in Norfolk, according to online records. The judge would attempt to have an order served on Minor to attend a deposition in Norfolk sometime after May 1, records show.

If Minor is unable to appear in Norfolk, he would have to pay the trustee $10,000 to hold the deposition in Los Angeles.

If Minor failed to show for a Los Angeles deposition, St. John said he would order his apprehension.

As The Virginia Gazette reports, Minor is being questioned in the case about how the auctioneer Sotheby’s ended up with a lien against the Carter’s Grove property on the banks on the James River in Virginia.

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