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Police chief who stole drugs gets 9 years

A former small town Virginia police chief who orchestrated a drug store burglary to get pain pills has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison.

Bryan Young, chief of the Pennington Gap police department, arranged for other officers to be off duty one night last September to clear the way for associates to break into a Rite-Aid pharmacy and steal painkillers. Young later obtained some of the stolen pills.

Young was arrested in October after selling pills to an informant while wearing his police uniform, authorities said.

Young’s family members pleaded for leniency in letters to the court, noting the effect of the arrest and charges on Young’s two school-aged daughters.

“This sad case demonstrates how pervasive and dangerous prescription drug abuse can be, and how it pervades all levels of society,” said U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy in a news release.

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  1. This case not only illustrates the effects of drug abuse, but also of those instances when someone who is supposed to protect people does something wrong. Hope there is no backlash on the officer’s two kids.

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