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Lawyer disbarred over missing money

A lawyer who failed to make an $8,250 disbursement after a 2008 loan closing without ever explaining or repaying the money has been disbarred by the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board.

Jeanne Lynn Dove-Taylor of King George served as a settlement agent for a complex transaction involving a construction loan for a residential development for the elderly and disabled, according to a VSB summary.

As part of the closing, Dove-Taylor was to disburse the money as a loan guarantee to the Virginia Housing Development Authority.

When the VHDA never received the funds, the nonprofit that ran the residential development covered the missing payment.

Despite repeated inquiries from various entities, including the VSB, Dove-Taylor never provided a cancelled check, a new check or any explanation for the missing money.

Dove-Taylor told a bar investigator she had sent a reissued check to the VHDA, but she never provided proof, according to the VSB account.

Dove-Taylor failed to respond to a VSB subpoena last year and was not present when a Disciplinary Board panel revoked her license June 28.

Dove-Taylor filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year, but the case was dismissed last month for failure to prosecute, according to online court records.

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