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Old Dominion Bar rates judge candidates

The Old Dominion Bar Association reports its candidate ratings for the upcoming vacancy on the U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

The candidates and their ratings are as follows:

  • Alan D. Albert                                       Qualified
  • Dabney J. Carr IV                                 Qualified
  • Edwin L. Fountain                                Qualified
  • Paul G. Gill                                             Qualified
  • Stephen E. Heretick                             Qualified
  • Collin J. Hite                                         Qualified
  • Cynthia E. Hudson                               Qualified
  • Hon. Clarence N. Jenkins                   Highly Qualified
  • Brian C. Lansing                                   Highly Qualified
  • Hon. M. Hannah Lauck                      Highly Qualified
  • John S. Martin                                      Qualified
  • Jayant V. Prabhu                                  Qualified

The Virginia State Bar’s Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee and five other bar groups have provided recommendations for Virginia’s two U.S. senators who will advise Presdient Obama on an appointment for the federal judgeship. The bench seat will be available in March when Judge James R. Spencer takes senior status.

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