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Lawyer facing fraud sentence is revoked

A former Suffolk lawyer who could be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison for fraud has given up his Virginia law license.

Brian R. Dinning pleaded guilty in June to two counts of fraud related to what he termed “my solicitations for investment opportunities and charitable activities in the Republic of South Africa.”

Dinning is accused of accepting money for investments and charities and using the money for himself. As part of his plea agreement, Dinning agreed to a restitution debt of nearly $2.3 million.

The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board accepted Dinning’s consent to revocation on Aug. 2.

The VSB reports no payments have been made from the Clients’ Protection Fund for any Dinning clients.

Animosity toward Dinning led to two separate disciplinary sanctions against a former Virginia Beach lawyer.

Jason Roper used abusive language towards Dinning during a deposition, according to findings of a VSB discipline panel in 2012. Roper appealed a 3-year license suspension in that matter, but he won a $722,000 judgment for his clients against Dinning.

In June, Roper received a public reprimand from the VSB and was ordered to anger management for taunting Dinning with an email after Dinning’s guilty plea.

UPDATE: This post was updated on Sept. 4 to note the absence of any CPF payments.

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