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Federal courts to remain open through Thursday, at least

BudgetThe federal judiciary will remain open for business through Oct. 17, according to the courts’ administrative office.

With the government shutdown on Oct. 1, the judiciary projected that fee income and undesignated appropriated funds would enable court operations to continue for ten business days.

Belt tightening has extended the deadline, the administrative office says.

The judiciary says spending rates and fund balances will continue to be closely monitored in hope that courts can operate through the end of the work week – Oct. 18.

Michael Nachmanoff, the federal public defender for the Eastern District, said he hopes the judiciary finds the money to keep going through Friday.

“After that, everyone who is deemed ‘essential’ will be working without knowing when they will be paid,” he said.

“It is beyond demoralizing to expect dedicated public servants to come to work every day, take care of their families and pay their bills on time without knowing when they will receive their next paycheck,” Nachmanoff said.

“We will continue to zealously advocate for our clients as we have always done, but the situation will soon become intolerable for many people who simply cannot make ends meet facing such uncertainty,” he said.

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