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Caseload study is published

Supreme Court of Virginia

The Supreme Court of Virginia

A study of judicial caseloads says Virginia needs more judges.

The Supreme Court of Virginia has posted the eagerly awaited comparison of Virginia trial judges’ caseloads performed by the National Center for State Courts.

“The NCSC strongly recommends that the General Assembly begin to fill judicial vacancies, and in some instances create new authorized judicial positions,” the report reads.

The report calls for 13 more circuit court judgeships in addition to filling existing vacancies on the circuit bench. The study claims Virginia needs an additional 17 juvenile and domestic relations judgeships.

For general district judgeships, the study recommends filling six of nine current vacancies.

The NCSC recommends no change to existing jurisdictional boundaries for Virginia’s trial courts. The group “found no concrete benefits to be gained from realigning circuit and district boundaries or moving to a regional model.”

The 65-page caseload study was scheduled to be delivered to the General Assembly Nov. 15. It went up on the Supreme Court’s website at the start of business Friday.

The study calls for reevaluation of the use of retired and substitute judges with an eye towards a more formalized statewide system for assigning retired or senior status judges.

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