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The commonwealth’s 1-2 punch

glad i wentTwo of Virginia’s law schools made the Top 10 in Above the Law’s new rankings of student satisfaction.

In fact, they are number 1 and number 2.

ATL is, in its own words, “milking the ‘it’s a New Year/here’s a list’ format.” This time, the list of “Top Rated Law Schools for 2013” measures student satisfaction in the areas of academics, financial aid advising, career services, practical/clinical training and social life.

Heading the list is the University of Virginia.

“UVA is the best combination of ridiculously intelligent people who also don’t take themselves overly seriously,” ATL said. “Charlottesville is a wonderful place to spend three years…”

And Washington & Lee University is number 2.

ATL’s take: “Situated in a wonderful location, W & L Law offers more than the grind often seen in Law School. The classes are small, the professors care, and the students share a sense of striving toward a common goal.”

Among the rest of the Top 10: Stanford, Michigan and Berkeley.

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