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HOA reform measure delayed

An anticipated state Senate battle over Virginia’s community association law was delayed if not averted Monday.

Despite previous efforts to find common ground and a series of tweets by advocates, debate on homeowner association reform was postponed.

“There’s been a fairly substantial rewrite on the substitute and I’m respectfully asking that the bill pass by for the day,” said Sen. Thomas K. Norment when House Bill 791 came up for a vote Monday.

The law firm of Mercer Trigiani, which represents a number of homeowner associations, posted a series of online tweets Sunday urging support for the bill.

The bill includes new protections for homeowners and sets a higher standard of review before action can be taken against homeowners, the firm said.

Opponents warn the measure would allow community associations to change their rules to allow penalty fees for homeowners, even if the HOA’s governing documents currently do not provide that authority.

The bill was on the Senate floor calendar for Tuesday.

Update: The Senate agreed to enhanced HOA powers Tuesday. A report is here.

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  1. No, it passed today, 30-to-9. Another full-employment act for lawyers.


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