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Worthington to retire as Chesterfield Clerk

Longtime Chesterfield County Circuit Court Clerk Judy Worthington will retire April 1 for health reasons, according to a letter directed to the county board chair.

Worthington’s 22-year tenure as clerk has been marked by accomplishments and occasional skirmishes with judges and local officials.

Worthington said in her letter she has named Chief Deputy Clerk Mary Craze as interim chief clerk, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

In her letter, Worthington listed her accomplishments as clerk and noted that her office has been nationally and internationally recognized for office efficiency, customer service and technological innovations.

In 2009, Worthington sued then-chief circuit Judge Michael Allen in a dispute involving the county’s website and Allen’s order that authorized a lawyer to perform marriages. In 2002, she settled a defamation lawsuit filed against her by Judge T.J. Hauler. Worthington had accused Hauler of unprofessional conduct when he came up for re-election at the General Assembly.

Last year, the county administrator cut staff in Worthington’s office and put the positions under the control of the sheriff and the judges after Worthington threatened to stop “courtesy services” to the court if demands for additional staff were not met.

Worthington has resisted calls to join most other circuit court clerks in the state in allowing online access to court case information. Just this year, she allowed online access to criminal records, but civil records still are not available.

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