Rehearing Granted

Deborah Elkins//March 28, 2014

Rehearing Granted

Deborah Elkins//March 28, 2014


The Court of Appeals grants rehearing en banc in Davis v. Commonwealth (VLW 014-7-049), Record No. 1873-12-2. In its panel opinion of Feb. 25, 2014, the panel majority held that in a prosecution arising from a shooting outside a nightclub, in which an assailant fired multiple shots into an occupied vehicle and killed a passenger, a general district court’s acquittal of defendant of the related misdemeanor of reckless handling of a firearm collaterally estopped his subsequent prosecution for first-degree murder and attempted murder. The mandate of the Court of Appeals reversing those two convictions and dismissing the indictment is stayed.

VLW 014-7-049


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