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Curcio heads list of new VTLA officers and directors

HOT SPRINGS—The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association elected officers and members of its board of governors for the 2014-15 year at its Annual Convention at the Omni Homestead Resort March 29. They are:

Thomas J. Curcio of Alexandria is the new president, and John E. Lichtenstein of Roanoke was tapped as president-elect.
For the vice-president position, the officers serving, in order, are:

  • Stephanie E. Grana
  • Lee Livingston
  • M. Bryan Slaughter
  • Jason W. Konvicka

Elliott M. Buckner is now treasurer, and Craig B. Davis will serve as parliamentarian.

Governors at Large

Fifteen governors at large were elected. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • John D. Ayers
  • Julie M. Cillo
  • Roger T. Creager
  • Chidi I. James
  • Bridget N. Long
  • Malcolm P. McConnell III
  • Jonathan M. Petty
  • Melissa G. Ray
  • Andrew J. Reinhardt
  • W. Edward Riley IV
  • Joshua D. Silverman
  • Thomas G. Smith
  • Louis D. Snesil
  • Derrick L. Walker
  • T. Vaden Warren Jr.
  • Wallace B. Wason Jr.

District Governors

Another 16 members of the board were elected district governors, representing different parts of Virginia. They are:

  • 1st    Donald W. Marcari
  • 2nd    John M. Cooper; James C. Lewis
  • 3rd    Jennifer W. Stevens
  • 4th    Cheryl S. Tuck
  • 5th    Lewis T. Stoneburner; Michael G. Phelan
  • 6th    Stacy D. Allocca
  • 7th    Michael Ritchie
  • 8th    James G. Hunter III
  • 9th    Daniel L. Crandall
  • 10th    Henry S. Keuling-Stout
  • 11th    Laura Blair Butler
  • 12th    Mark D. Cummings
  • 13th    Steven M. Garver; Charles W. Sickels

Past Presidents

And a number of VTLA past presidents who provide their continuing service to the board:

  • Thomas E. Albro
  • Edward L. Allen
  • George E. Allen III
  • W. Coleman Allen Jr.
  • Michael J. Blachman
  • Jeffrey A. Breit
  • Stephen W. Bricker
  • P. Brent Brown
  • Irvin V. Cantor
  • Charles E. Carter
  • L. B. Chandler Jr.
  • Harvey B. Cohen
  • Robert S. Cohen
  • John P. Ellis
  • Walter H. Emroch
  • H. Duncan Garnett Jr.
  • Robert T. Hall
  • Robert W. Mann
  • Willard J. Moody Sr.
  • Roger W. Mullins
  • Lisa P. O’Donnell
  • Donald N. Patten
  • Richard E. Railey Jr.
  • Sandra M. Rohrstaff
  • Andrew M. Sacks
  • Stanley E. Sacks
  • Gerald A. Schwartz
  • John C. Shea
  • Mary Lynn Tate
  • Barbara S. Williams
  • Thomas W. Williamson Jr.
  • Charles J. Zauzig III

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