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VSB may ask for phone, email addresses of members

The Virginia State Bar is seeking comment on a plan to require members to provide their telephone numbers and email addresses, if they have them, as part of their official address of record with the bar.

The VSB’s Executive Committee determined Thursday to ask for comment on the proposed change to the rules controlling the organization and government of the VSB. Under the change, the address of record would include a current email address (if any) and telephone number.

The change would make the email address and phone number part of the public information available about a lawyer, but it would not affect the current provision that members may have their names and addresses removed from the VSB membership list when it is distributed for other than official purposes.

Bar members currently may provide their phone numbers and email addresses to the bar, but it has not been a requirement.

The EC also proposes to set a 30-day deadline for reporting changes in a member’s address of record. The current rule declares a duty to “promptly” make notice of any changes.

The public can locate lawyers, with addresses and phone numbers, through the online Virginia Lawyer Directory, although lawyers can chose not to be listed.

The information presented includes the lawyer’s name, firm name if included, mailing address, phone number, and member class, i.e., active or active Virginia Corporate Counsel.

The Virginia Lawyer Directory has not included email addresses.

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