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New members of VSB Council elected

The following people have been elected to represent their circuits on the Virginia State Bar Council for three-year terms, July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017:

Election by Mail:

  • 2nd Circuit: Steven G. Owen, Judith L. Rosenblatt (re-elected)
  • 4th Circuit: Lisa A. Bertini
  • 13th Circuit: Brian L. Buniva
  • 19th Circuit: James F. Davis, Joyce Henry-Schargorodski (re-elected), Gary H. Moliken, Jay B. Myerson, Dennis J. Quinn (re-elected), Michael M. York

Election by Meeting:

  • 10th Circuit: Charles H. Crowder III. Next election will be by meeting.
  • 15th Circuit: Jennifer L. Parrish. Next election will be by mail (regular or electronic)

Additional members of the VSB Council were elected without opposition:

  • 1st Circuit: Nancy G. Parr
  • 7th Circuit: Leonard C. Heath
  • 9th Circuit: W. Hunter Old
  • 11th Circuit: Dale W. Pittman
  • 14th Circuit: Jon A. Nichols
  • 18th Circuit: Carolyn M. Grimes
  • 20th Circuit: T. Huntley Thorpe III
  • 25th Circuit: Roscoe B. Stephenson III

This post was updated May 6 to note council members elected without opposition.

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