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Headline of the Day

George Takei is best known as Mr. Sulu, the cool and competent helmsman of the U.S. Starship Enterprise on “Star Trek,” the original series. That was back in the 1960s.

Takei, now 77, is more popular than ever, thanks to the Internet, Facebook and a wicked sense of humor. He maintains a Facebook page with more than 7 million likes; his posts are witty and punny. Fans often send him really good stuff and George gladly shares.

For a sample of his humor, take a look at the 2011 YouTube clip in which Takei brokers “Star Peace” between two feuding icons from “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” William Shatner and Carrie Fisher, urging them to unite against a common enemy.

Takei coined his trademark phrase, “Oh Myyy!” when he was shown something racy during one of his frequent visits to Howard Stern’s radio show. He has written two books about his current life and career — “Oh Myyy (There Goes the Internet)” and “Lions and Tigers and Bears.”

He also is a gay rights activist. He came out in 2005 and married his longtime companion Brad in 2008. Takei appears thoroughly to enjoy his status as “your naughty gay Asian uncle.”

That’s a longer than usual run-up for the Headline of the Day and an extended hat tip to Uncle George. He posted this hedder from a fan yesterday, published in the Times-News of Cumberland, Maryland:

Man shot in hand fingers suspect

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