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Appeals court cuts copy requirement for court-appointed cases

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals plans to limit the number of paper copies required for briefs filed in court-appointed and fee-waiver cases.

The rules currently require court-appointed lawyers to file six paper copies of briefs, five copies of appendices and four copies of sealed briefs and appendices.

For in forma pauperis cases, litigants are required to file four copies of briefs and appendices.

Beginning Sept. 1, the court will require only one electronic copy and one paper copy of formal briefs and appendices in such cases. If the court sets the case for oral argument, the parties will have to file three additional copies of their paper briefs and appendices within 10 days.

The change is to reduce costs, the court said in an order.

The court will order additional paper copies if needed in any case, the order said.

The court will receive comments on the change through Aug. 15 by email at rulecomments@ca4.uscourts.gov or by regular mail at:

Patricia S. Connor, Clerk
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
1100 E. Main Street, Suite 501
Richmond, Virginia 23219

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