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Getting your jury on board

It’s no secret that jury trials are on the wane. Last year, Virginia trial judges swore in 732 juries in civil cases, down from 764 in 2012.

If you’re a trial judge greeting a new venire, or a trial lawyer looking to impress potential jurors, how can you inspire them to do their civic duty?

For stirring sentiments about the sacred Seventh Amendment right, check out a new website, Save Our Juries, sponsored by the American Board of Trial Advocates.

“America doesn’t need another empty courtroom,” ABOTA says, announcing the website’s mission to educate the American public about the current issues, history and value of the right to trial by jury.

The site includes scholarly articles, accounts of recent jury trials and landmark cases in “Stories of Justice” and a Save Our Juries blog to track current developments.

ABOTA was founded in 1958 and includes plaintiff’s and defense civil attorneys. A Virginia chapter has been active for at least two decades, and currently includes about 50 members from around the commonwealth.

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