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State puts legal work out to bid

Attorney General Mark Herring has put the state’s specialized legal work out for bids from private lawyers.

The July 18 posting of solicitations for proposals for outside counsel services follows by a month Herring’s announcement of a reform plan for the use of private lawyers for state legal needs.

Under Herring’s new outside counsel policy, the SFPs are open for 30 days, until Aug. 17. A 30-day evaluation period follows.

Under the policy, a “contribution blackout” bars financial contributions to the attorney general from bidding lawyers for 60 days after the SFP is posted online.

Herring’s new policy also requires his office to specify the needs for farming out legal work to private lawyers.

Questions about the use of outside counsel by the AG’s office led lawmakers to include language in the latest state budget directing the attorney general to report annually to money committee chairs on the reasoning for the use of private lawyers, the hourly rates charged, total spending and funding sources.

The AG’s office says legal work in the following areas is up for bids:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Bankruptcy
  • VDOT Eminent Domain Real Property & Title Examination
  • Division of Risk Management – Local Governments & Constitutional Offices
  • Division of Risk Management Medical Malpractice
  • Division of Risk Management Auto Liability
  • Division of Medical Assistance Services
  • FCC (Communications)
  • Construction
  • Employee Benefits
  • VRS (Investment)
  • Immigration
  • Higher Education Bonds & Public Financing
  • Charitable Trust Counsel
  • UVa Medical Center
  • Virginia Port Authority Matters
  • Virginia Resources Authority – Revolving Loan Fund Transactions
  • Treasury
  • VDOT and CTB Matters
  • Virginia College Building Authority
  • Virginia Small Business Financing Authority
  • Export Control Matters
  • Department of Education (NCAA)


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