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Airport baggage train crash leads to $2M settlement

The family of a baggage train driver killed in a collision with a mobile lounge has settled its wrongful death claim against the operator of Dulles International Airport for $2 million.

Lawyers for the family tell The Washington Post the case highlighted safety concerns involving the mobile lounges that shuttle air passengers from the airport terminal to the aircraft.

Jared Dodson was only 25 when he was crushed under the wheels of one of the 35-ton Dulles mobile lounges in the 2012 accident. He had been driving a tug pulling four empty baggage carts in his job as a ramp agent for Southwest Airlines.

The case was set for trial last month when Dodson’s parents reached a settlement agreement with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, operator of the Dulles airport. The MWAA denied liability and told the paper that its insurance company made the decision to settle.

Dodson’s death revealed concerns about visibility and traffic rules for the vehicles that crisscross the air side of the airport facility, said lawyers for Dodson’s family. The MWAA said the airport has a good safety record.

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