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Defendant driver was on cell phone during collision – $350,000 Settlement

On July 11, 2011, plaintiff, a 57-year-old real estate agent, was leaving a shopping center in Woodbridge when the defendant, who was on his cellphone, collided with the plaintiff’s driver’s side door. The defendant pulled out a parking lot and onto a main road when the collision occurred.

The plaintiff sought medical attention for back, neck and knee pain. The plaintiff attempted to relieve her pain through various forms of physical therapy with several specialists. After two years of non-operative treatment, the plaintiff was still experiencing extreme pain that was interfering with her personal and work life. She underwent a three-level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion.

Before the collision, plaintiff was an active real estate agent, showing up to six houses a day. After the collision, however, the plaintiff could no longer remain standing for long periods of time and no longer show the number of homes as she could have in the past.



Type of action: Personal injury
Injuries alleged: Back-3-level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion
Name of case: Howard v. Gyekyi
Court: Prince William County Circuit Court
Case no.: CL13006080-00
Date resolved: Dec. 5, 2014
Special damages: $81,853.57 in medical damages
Verdict or settlement: Settlement
Amount: $350,000
Attorney for plaintiff: Dickson J. Young, Fairfax
Attorney for defendant: Brian P. Coleman, Fairfax
Plaintiff’s experts: Faisal A. Siddiqui, M.D.; Tushar Ch. Patel, M.D.; Kevin E. Peltier, M.D.; John Bruno, M.D. (plaintiff’s treating physicians)
Insurance carrier: Nationwide – liability; Harleysville – UIM

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