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Jaw-jacking in New York

The 2015 NFL season officially started Aug. 9 with the Hall of Fame game, so it’s time for an entry about football.

The New York Jets rocked the world when Broadway Joe Namath “guaranteed” a victory over the Baltimore Colts and proceeded to deliver.

But that was in 1969 and the Jets never have returned to the Big Game. Most years, the Jets are pretty hapless, with the absolute bottom, so to speak, happening with the “Butt Fumble” in 2012.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez collided with the rear end of one of his linemen and fumbled the ball; the other team returned it for a touchdown. You can look it up: The Butt Fumble actually has its own Wikipedia page.

Fast forward to 2015. Jets quarterback Geno Smith has had two up-and-down years, but with a new head coach, things were looking better for Gang Green (wish I had made that one up).

For murky reasons, perhaps a dispute over money, Smith got sucker-punched in the Jets locker room this past week by a teammate, IK Enemkpali. Smith’s jaw was broken, requiring surgery. He will miss the start of the season and at least several games. The team immediately released Enemkpali.

And the New York City tabloids had a field day (this entry is really an item about headlines).

The New York Post, on Aug. 12, led their sports section with:

Jaw and disorder

Not to be outdone, the New York Daily News featured this one on their front page:

Luck of the jaw!

Smith hasn’t been the most popular player, given his uneven play. But one has to wonder what the News meant by the drophead:

Jets fans rejoice as QB out 6-10 weeks

Rex Ryan was the head coach of the Jets for six seasons until he was fired at the end of last year. He took a job as leader of the Buffalo Bills. After Enemkpali’s release, Ryan immediately signed him to play in Buffalo.

The tabs had fun with that the next day, Aug. 13:

The Daily News:  Rex jaw dropper

The Post sport section: Rex ropes a dope

As bad as those all sound, they are still better than the headline the Daily News used to lead Thursday’s sports section, on a story about the New York Yankees’ losing their fifth-straight game. That loss dropped them into second place behind the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays, prompting this:

Yanks look like No. 2

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