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Straight from the headlines

It’s been a busy, busy week with people committing news right and left…

Not smarter than the average bear

The Las Vegas Sun website published a breaking news alert from the Associated Press last week:

“New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Bear has died. He was 90.”

Less than a minute later, according to jimromenesko.com, the item was corrected to the name of the late Yankees player, Yogi Berra. Boo Boo could not be reached for comment.

More patriotic than the average dog

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has a new mascot – a dog named “Liberty.”

President Gerald Ford kept a pooch in the White House with the same name back around the time of the Bicentennial, but this Liberty is a breed apart.

Literally. The mascot is a historic breed known as a Briard. Briards were herding dogs who came from France. Thomas Jefferson had one, which is a stretch to explain why the foundation picked this dog, but it’s the best we’ve got.

Liberty was scheduled to lead a parade of some 600 canines down Duke of Gloucester Street this past weekend. Sounds like an outtake from “Lady and the Tramp” or “Oliver and Company.” But it’s fair to say DOG Street was the right place for this parade.

A FOI challenge waiting to happen

And you can see this one coming. The police chief in Hopewell police chief has announced that his officers will begin wearing body cameras within the next couple of weeks.

Hopewell Chief John Keohane said in a news release that 67 recently purchased Taser AXON body cameras should be fully implemented by Oct. 1.

Keohane says the cameras will improve public trust as well as protect officers from false claims. The small but visible cameras can be securely attached to an officer’s uniform shirt.

Police body cameras have been used across the country, with mixed results in terms of whether the camera footage becomes public. In Seattle, for example, all footage is posted to YouTube. In places such as Washington, DC, authorities have clamped down and refused to make the info public.

Someone will ask in Hopewell. Bet on it.

Pope and change

Pope Francis met with President Obama in Washington last week, his first visit to the U.S.

The Associated Press released a backgrounder with a list of notable moments between popes and presidents:

* LBJ met Pope Paul VI twice. At their first encounter, Johnson gave Paul an autographed picture of himself. At their second meeting, he gave the pope a foot-high bust of himself.

* Jimmy Carter was the first president to welcome a pope to the White House, doing so when John Paul II visited in 1979.

* Ronald Reagan established formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1984, long a desire of the Holy See.

* Bill Clinton met John Paul II about the time his impeachment trial was under way in the U.S. Senate. John Paul said, “America faces a time of trial…” Oops.

* George W. Bush rankled Vatican officials when in 2007 he visited the Vatican and addressed Pope Benedict XVI as “sir,” rather than “Your Holiness.”

So you had a bad day…

Up in German Township, Pennsylvania, a masked gunman entered a pizza shop to rob the joint.

He held up the place, located about 40 miles south of Pittsburgh, with a shotgun, grabbed a bunch of money he stuffed into a camouflage bar and fled.

His rationale: He told the pizza shop clerk he was “having a bad day.”

You’re having a bad day? Here’s a bad day

“CAM the Ram” is the mascot of Colorado State University. The big sheep is paraded on the sidelines of football games. He would run from sideline to sideline in the end zone after a touchdown.

Sept. 19 was the date of the “Rocky Mountain Showdown,” the annual smack-fest with the arch-rival Colorado University.

CU, for the record, has a buffalo as its mascot.  Out west they use local animal mascots. Rams. Elk. Buffalo. Not sure of the explanation of Ducks in Oregon.

CAM was named for Colorado A&M, a prior name for the school. The sheep we’re speaking of was the 24th to serve as mascot.

Anyway, CAM was supposed to be getting ready for the big day. Except for one problem. CAM’s handlers went to fetch him to go to the stadium, and CAM, well, CAM was dead.

CAM was only six years old, which isn’t old by ram standards, and the cause of death was unknown, but that was unimportant because the school needed a ram to run in the end zone that very afternoon.

A substitute ram got a battlefield promotion to be CAM the 25th.  It wasn’t his fault, but CSU lost to CU 27-24, in overtime.

Note: All items except the first entry include material from the Associated Press.

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